Are you hearing the whispers of your soul awakening you to who you really are? Do you remember why you are here on this planet? Are you ready to awaken to your gifts and express them into this world?

Awakening is the purpose of the human. We all have a choice, stay unconscious or become aware of our programming and get to work examining old conditioning, habits and  behaviors. When we look at our beliefs and start to question our perception of reality, it changes.


You can't unsee once you've seen.




Awakening, the Mastermind

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Release Frustration and Reclaim your Self Expression.

This 4-month mastermind will awaken you to your gifts.

  • Claim your inner healer
  • Do the identity work to create momentum and transformation in your life.
  • Regulate your nervous system and feel your vibration rise
  • See your inner changes in your outer world

You have everything you need inside of you.

Join us in a sacred circle of like souls. 

What you get

  • 12 week mastermind

  • 7 week chakra course (partial self-study)
  • Frequency and vibration

  • Learn to channel, and identify your clairs senses

  • Meet your guides
  • Crystal gridding
  • Learn to meditate or deepen your practice
  • Begin or deepen your divination practice
  • Deep dive into your divine purpose blueprint (numerology)
  • Conscious Coaching
  • Be surrounded by a group of conscious individuals. (You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with)

  • 1:1 upgrade for budding entrepreneurs
  • Become part of a network of coaches, healers, and creators.

Shifts you may feel in your life and business

  • Feel peace + ease in your body

  • Create focus and momentum toward your vision

  • Feel Transformation

  • Reduce or eliminate anxiety around self expression and visibility

  • Learn how to regulate your nervous system

  • Amplify your work into the world and feel the love of the Universe in return.

Stand in your Power.

Emotional Regulation, Energetic Magic, Raise your Vibration!

Be of service, create impact and build your wealth muscle.


This Mastermind Is For You If you are ready to awaken to who you really are...

  • You are ready to look at your triggers, emotions, and old programming
  • You are prepared to get into alignment with your Self
  • You crave well-being and wealth flowing through you
  • You are a budding entrepreneur, and you want to work on yourself and your business
  • You want to shift generational patterns.

Jen Kohler is a Channel, a Master Numerologist, and an Intuitive life and Business Coach . Over the past 18 years, she has built a brick and mortar + online body wellness, energy medicine and coaching practice, as well as a Healing Arts Reiki School.

6 years ago, she brought her business online, and proceeded to shift her entire life by massively awakening and embodying the visionary she was truly meant to be!!  

She works with healers, visionaries, leaders, teachers + coaches to integrate,  calibrate and get into alignment, come home to themselves, reset their nervous system, reclaim their power + create massive wealth by listening to the deep knowledge within. She is in love with walking alongside her clients + students as they wake up to themSelves, get to know themSelves,  and come home to their purpose within.


"Working with Jen is the best investment in myself!"

- Mary

"You are a gift and blessing to me."

- Adriana

"Jen has a way of listening and holding space that just pulls things out."

- Amanda









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Get a Divine Purpose Blueprint and call with me! $333 Value.

Awakening, the Mastermind

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This is a 4 month commitment. You are responsible for your results. Refunds given in extreme circumstances only