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Reclaim your power and learn to embody a Reiki lifestyle. Be the first to know all the details!



Welcome! You Have Arrived!

You are seeking something more. You want to delve into your inner landscape. To deep dive into the pool of your soul. Take a couple of quantum leaps in consciousness and then learn to integrate the things that you are taking in. I will walk with you through this process.

You already know the answers you seek, yet you don't always trust your own intuition. You have been on a long winding path that has led you to this moment in time. It is time to stop seeking externally to go back within. Reiki is the answer for so many. The frequency of Reiki is its own consciousness and when you are attuned to its magic, it is forever within you. Reiki allows you to trust more, to see more, to know more and to understand your own innate wisdom.

Reiki helps to clear the obstacles (perceived or otherwise) that are keeping you stuck where you are, in the same patterns, conditions, and illusion. This is not the truth!  When you expand your consciousness, this is your truth; your vibration raises and you step into your next level frequency. AND the Reiki lifestyle helps to clear and keep your frequency in the 5D.

Reiki helps you to move back to wholeness. To integrate your masculine and feminine energies. To reclaim your power. 

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Your next level YOU is waiting to be claimed.  


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Key Benefits of this program:


  • become attuned to Universal Life Force Energy

  • Emotional + Energetic Mastery

  • Understand the body and your nervous system

  • Bolster your immune system

  • clear, create and hold energetic space

  • Dive deep into Source and your higher self.

  • Understand 12 Universal Laws

  • Know and fall deeply in love with Yourself

  • heal yourself on a cellular level and do the same for others

  • Become aligned with the body

  • become the co-creator you were born to be

  • reclaim your power 

  • open your heart to the unconditional love that is your birthright

  • speak your truth

  • tap into your vision

  • become one with the one


Get on the Waitlist for the next program starting in early fall.

Reclaim your power and learn to embody a Reiki lifestyle. Be the first to know all the details!

Upon completion of this 6-Month Program,
You will Embody Reiki!


Master the Brain Game

Emotional Mastery
  • The first 10 weeks of Embody Reiki to learn true mastery over your life experience
  • Learn how to walk the middle path; leave behind the guilt, shame, fear and resistance that's keeping you playing small.
  • Create a new foundation that will bring more intention and purpose into your life as you come home to yourself.
  • Learn how to choose conscious activation so you can allow unconditional love to flow and expand into your highest vibration.

Reiki Level 1 + 2 

Attune and transmit
  • What is Reiki?
  • 3 pillars of Reiki
  • Understand the chakra system
  • Learn the Microcosmic Orbit + Meditation
  • Learn the sacredness of Reiki and our symbols
  • Learn non traditional symbols and their uses
  • Learn how to conduct a healing session
  • Learn the Power Symbol- Uses and meanings
  • Learn Emotional/Mental Symbol
  • Learn Distance Symbol
  • Body Insight Healing Technique

Reiki Level 3 + 4 

Quantum Healing + Mastery
  • Learn the Reiki Master Symbol
  • Working with Crystals + Grids
  • Learn to manifest, meditate and shift consciousness with an ancient Tibetan healing symbol + gridding
  • Aura Clearing
  • Reiki Meditation
  • Moving meditation
  • Meet your guides (reiki guide or frequency)
  •  Reiki 4 Master/Teacher
  • Usui Tibetan Master Symbols
  • How to teach, and attune
  • Become the teacher

What Graduates are Saying


Angela Kaye, Reiki Master, Coach & Moon Alchemist


Let's get on a call!

Together we can discuss whether you are ready to step into your role as healer, teacher, leader.


Not quite ready for the Embody Reiki 12-month program?

Mastering the BrainGAME™ is a must for anyone who truly desires mastery over their life experience. Whether you are challenged by a negative relationship, a difficult life situation, or a career that just can't seem to get off the ground the BrainGAME™ is your greatest ally!

Open up your capacity to magnetize your soul-mate clients. 

Trust in the universe as you rise to your highest Self so you can gracefully begin living in ease.
And expand in all aspects of your life, business, relationships as you claim what you truly desire and master the steps that will take you there.

I know you want it all.
And that is okay. 

You can want all the things... the thriving business, the healthy happy family, prosperity, abundance, unconditional love, flow and alignment. 

And I know first hand, it can feel like that's too much to ask for. Like, who am I to ask for that? Why do I deserve all those things?

But let me tell you right now, you deserve ALL the things because you are an empathic, big hearted leader that is here to do MORE in the world.

What would it be like to wake up everyday with a genuine sense of freedom; free from overwhelm, stress and the anxieties that keep you repeating old patterns and creating limiting results?


Mastering the BrainGAME™ is different.

The methodology used in the BrainGAME™ is unique and proprietary. Each lesson is designed in absolute alignment with the Universal Laws and Divine Timing. You learn everything in a specific order to ensure a true and lasting transformation that will, truly, change everything.


Hi, I'm Jen Kohler

I'm a Conscious Parent, Spiritual Leader, Master Energy Healer and Adventure-Seeking Traveler

Real quick - let’s meet Jenny (aka: the old me), a hot mess that was out of control, completely lost, and not honoring her gifts. She was running away from her truth and felt so uncomfortable in the world and who she really was - An intuitively gifted, highly sensitive womyn who was meant for so much more.

After years of suffering, uncertainty and doubt, I threw in the towel and, I reclaimed my power. I started to wake up to my inner healer. I began to spread my wings and own my gifts (umm, real scary shit right there). As I tapped into Source and the possibility of conscious living, which included (of course) Reiki, Tarot, Body Insight, Emotional Mastery and everything else that brings us a deep meaning of trust and purpose, I knew my mission was to serve awakening women who are on the rise. I hold space, I support, and I love deeply. 

Your next level YOU is HERE.

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The Co-Op

H.E.A.L. and BE the healer. Be(come) more emotionally and energetically MASTERFUL, awakened, and loved.