Reveal your SELF to H.E.A.L.

Your energy is everything.

It speaks much more loudly than your words.

As an intuitive, highly sensitive + empathic being, you may tend towards taking on other peoples energies. Even when we have great energetic boundaries, we will take on other peoples energy. It is therefore, good self care to clear and amplify with beautiful universal life force energy (Reiki) every month. You deserve to give yourself the gift of raising your frequency.

When you enter H.E.A.L. the membership, you are entering a conscious collective of soulful humans who are here on this planet to shift and awaken. We are here to raise the vibration of the planet THROUGH SELF HEALING, and live in the new frequency.

Why I LOVE this model...
I believe that everyone deserves healing and coaching at a price that they can afford. Many people in the middle are left out of the coaching and healing realm because they cannot afford it. But I truly want people to to have access to high level healing and coaching, to awaken to the shift and I KNOW this is the way.

I have been dreaming some iteration of this into reality for a good long time and this is so ready to be birthed!

Join H.E.A.L. the membership today!

Who is this for?

  • Curious explorers of awakening
  • Intuitives who are Highly Sensitive and/or Empathic who are seeking to balance the masculine and feminine, bringing yourself back to wholeness
  • Loves to raise the vibration of the planet by cultivating their own frequency first
  • Desire to grow and expand in an exponential way
  • Believe that a collective of like minded souls to walk with is the fastest way to ascend
  • Believes that it is beneficial to meet their guides and deepen their relationship with the divine
  • Would love to create more ritual in their lives
  • Wants to receive regular energy work as part of their self care and self love plan
  • Know that the work of healing ourselves is the number one priority in moving forward in an untriggered way
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Let's Chat!

Let's connect! Book a complimentary discovery call with me. 

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What we offer...

  • Energy Healing Sessions
  • Channeling and Card Readings
  • Tarot Conversations - Let me guide you to know what the cards say for you
  • Rhythmic Living
  • Body Insight
  • Hot Seat Coaching
  • Honing our intuition
  • Practicing Mindfulness
  • Conscious Listening
  • Green Living
  • Numerology

Jen Kohler is an extremely intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, Body Insight Expert, + Universal Laws Coach. Over the past 15 years, Jen built a brick and mortar massage therapy, coaching, and Reiki business.

5 years ago, she brought her business online, and proceeded to shift her entire life!!  She is in love with walking alongside her clients as they wake up to them Selves, getting to know them Selves,  and come home to their purpose within.

She helps teachers, coaches, healers and light leaders on the rise; to integrate, create energetic boundaries, come home to themselves, reset their nervous system + activate their innate power by listening to the deep knowledge of their bodies.

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Join the H.E.A.L. Membership / $25 per month

Let's Chat!

Let's connect! Book a complimentary discovery call with me. 


Join us in the H.E.A.L. Membership today!

Whether you are beginning your healing journey or
you have been walking the path for a long time.

Every (body) deserves nurturing + healing. 

H.E.A.L. the membership $25/ month

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