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Divine Purpose Blueprint

Discover your purpose, uncover your strengths and leverage your challenges through Numerology.

Explore your Divine Purpose Blueprint and receive 12-15 Pages filled with messages, insights and advice just for you and your unique code along with expert intuitive guidance from Jen or a numerologist on my team!

Get your Divine Purpose Blueprint!

Relationship Reading

We are all in divine relationship with ourselves and everyone around us, but some of those relationships hit a little harder. Do you feel like you are clearing karma with someone? Let's find out! Love, family, or business; sacred contracts are amazing and show you where you work and where not so much. 

Includes up to 3 other people!

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Annual Birthday Reading

An annual reading takes you through this year, currently so you can take the right steps toward the life of your dreams. Knowing our sacred rhythm and when to do certain things is life changing! This report alone is absolutely incredible. AND...

When you add in a year of coaching alongside this report in my high touch mastermind and yearly 1:1 coaching it is pure gold.

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Wealth Code Reading

Do you often wonder, "What is the key to my abundance?"

What if the key to your wealth was in your unique blueprint? What if I told you that it was all written in your birth chart? Through the ancient art of Egyptian Numerology, I can look at your life and tell you the key to attaining wealth and then how to keep it. 

I am here to activate expansion within you; body, mind and spirit. I have been in the healing field for 20 years. I built a brick-and-mortar massage and reiki business in 2004 and have been practicing, coaching, and teaching in person and online ever since.

Seeing mySelf, my own value, my worthiness, and actual prosperity in my bank account has been one of my greatest lessons in life. Realizing that I am truly the Universe in a body has created more wealth in my life than anything I’ve done. Add on numerology, and I feel unstoppable. I want that for you!

With a wealth code reading, we look at your entire lifetime chart and look at how you bring in money through your mindset, your relationships, and your work ethic and then we find your key to keeping it!

Thrive and prosper

Get your Wealth Code Reading!

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