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I believe that you are made of stardust dear one. I believe that you are pure potential. I believe that you and I are here to do big work in the world. We are here to THRIVE and help others do the same as we anchor a new consciousness onto Planet Earth.

I would love to chat with you! If you are ready to start seeing your life differently, stop playing the victim, take radical responsibility, take a leap and see your life from a higher perspective I am your person! All you have to do is click the link below and we will see what your unique code says about you. Are you a healer, ready for more wealth? Ready to understand your purpose? You are in the right place!


Quantum Numerology

Discover your key challenges, gift and potentials with a Divine Purpose Blueprint or take your journey deeper to your soul contracts in business, relationships, wealth, health and more with a full Book of Life Reading.

To Know yourself is to truly Love yourSelf


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Reiki + Quantum Expansion

Numerology Forecasting Workshop

Tarot and Oracle

Meditation, Clearing and Activations

Opportunity for discounts on upcoming paid events



The Mastermind

The reason that you are still stuck in anxiety and frustration is that you are not fully and freely expressing yourself in your full authentic, confident power.

Join this 4 month Mastermind for emotional mastery for wellbeing and wealth.

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Today’s world gives us plenty of reasons to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unsafe. We often look to others to feel secure, safe and supported, but this places your power outside of yourself which can amplify feelings of uncertainty, neediness, and anxiety.

It is good to receive and lean into those you love in times of need; however, it is vital that you have the tools and ability to ground safety and peace within yourself

3 hr. of meditation and reiki education to ground into your power + workbook


Embody Reiki

What would it be like to wake up everyday with a genuine sense of freedom;
free from overwhelm, stress and the anxieties that keep you repeating old patterns
and creating limiting results?
Free from overwhelm. Free from stress. Free from anxiety.Are you ready to become your own best healer? 6 months from this moment to Reiki Master. Are you in? I have an amazing program for you!!The Embodiment of Reiki has given me more confidence, more peace and more ease in all areas of my life. My favorite part is my confidence, faith and trust in myself as the Universe. One thing that makes Embody Reiki practitioners stand out is the addition of a 10 week emotional mastery program, Mastering the Brain Game, based in Universal Law. This is truly a movement to understand yourself, your strengths, your values, your triggers and mirrors. Get to know yourself and you will become the healer that you were born to BE!!
Embody Reiki. Click here to find out more!

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