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In this free FB group we are all things conscious! Come here to plan your life with numerology, play with the energies and cultivate your unique leadership style! Reiki, Tarot, Numerology, EFT, green living, Rhythmic Living, Coaching.

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During this 6-month journey of becoming the healer, we dive into emotional, vibrational and ultimately self mastery by working with your nervous system, chakra system, and becoming attuned to Reiki 1- Master Teacher. This is a safe place for your gentle awakening and your dream transformation to manifest. 

Your next level YOU is waiting to be claimed.  

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Mastering the BrainGAME™

A 10 week group coaching program about devotion to knowing your Self.
How to walk the middle path; leave behind the guilt, shame, fear and resistance that's keeping you playing small.
A new foundation that will bring more intention and purpose into your life as you come home to yourself. How to choose conscious activation so you can allow unconditional love to flow and expand into your highest vibration.

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  • Conscious Conversations

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"I call Jen when I need to feel deeply nurtured and intuitively guided."

Jaya Rose
Speak Your Truth Movement

Hi, I'm Jen Kohler

I'm a Spiritual Leader, Master Energy Healer and Adventure-Seeking Traveler

Real quick - let’s meet Jenny (aka: the old me), a hot mess that was out of control, completely lost, and not honoring her gifts. She was running away from her truth and felt so uncomfortable in the world and who she really was - An intuitively gifted, highly sensitive gal who was meant for so much more. 

After years and suffering, uncertainty and doubt, Jenny threw in the towel and, Jen the Healer began her awakening. I began to spread my wings and own my gifts (umm, real scary shit right there). As I tapped into source and the possibility of conscious living, which included (of course) Reiki, Tarot, Emotional Mastery and everything else that brings us a deep meaning of trust and purpose, I knew my mission was to serve awakening women who are on the rise. I hold space, I support, and I love deeply. 

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