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Uncategorized Jan 01, 2023
As I reflect on my last year of living my numerology chart I wanted to bring some tangible aspects to the conversation.
You might think , but what does that mean? What can a numerology chart actually teach me? Why would I want to know that? How can I understand it and not be a numerologist? Or, I'm already a numerologist, is this for me too? Yes!!
If you’re a person who is curious, growing, expanding and evolving, Numerology and I can support you! Your chart will help you walk  the path of your destiny. It will show you your purpose (not your job, but who you came here to BE). Your chart will help you understand your work in the world, your bliss, how you think, cultivate relationships and wealth, and how to keep it. Your chart shows you the keys to understanding your value, your keys to love and well-being. It's all there waiting for you!!
We always have choice, AND (this is an AND moment) your chart shows you when you have opportunities to truly surrender to life.
This doesn’t mean you aren’t co-creating. You are, you have this beautiful tool to lean into, and it calls you higher. It calls you to live the path you created for yourself long before you came here and merge with your highest Self. This is alignment.
I love this! Surrendering to the flow of life is so much fun!! And that's truly what I did this year. I allowed myself to live my chart. Sometimes it was profound, and sometimes, it was really hard. Your chart shows you when you have opportunities to clear karma (your past, thoughts, decisions, actions, etc.), to grow, to lean in, and to let go.
One of my favorite takeaways from living my chart was learning how to Pluto. Your Pluto is the action you must take to allow the outcome of your destiny. (if you're in business, think ideal client). Your Pluto is generally the thing that eludes you. It's hard for you to see it clearly, even though it might be evident to everyone else!
Mine is the 2♥️. My pluto is asking me to see myself in others. To stop looking outside myself for love, to recognize that when I see something in life, nature, people, mentors, etc., if I love it and see it, it's within me too. It's about genuinely loving myself and seeing my life as the mirror of my inner landscape. The universal law of correspondence.
I understood this mentally and logically, but my mind, heart, and body had not yet come into congruence with this. This year, I spent a lot of time with the 2♥️. The more time I sat with this or explained it to clients or on live readings, the more I embodied this. And here, on the last day of 2022, I feel at peace with my Pluto. I know everything that I desire is right here, right NOW. My ideal client no longer feels like an enigma. It feels like me.
I'm not here to convince anyone to live their chart. I'm here to walk with those on the leading edge, ready to commit to their expansion, willing to let it all unravel, to truly let go and let the Universe.
This is Become the Vision. We begin when you are ready! If you'd like to chat with me, I'm here and devoted to the expansion of consciousness on this planet.
This is me feeling the most peace and ease in 48 years.💛♾️💛

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