Today’s world gives us plenty of reasons to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unsafe.  We often look to others to feel secure, safe and supported, but this places your power outside of yourself which can amplify feelings of uncertainty, neediness, and anxiety.


It is good to receive and lean into those you love in times of need; however, it is vital that you have the tools and ability to ground safety and peace within yourself.

We have created this 3 hour course to help you ground into your own wisdom, your own strength, your own center. From this center, we know you will feel the strength of your Ancestors, of your Divinity, your oneness with Infinite Universal Energy and you will feel the incredible support that has always been available within you just waiting to be accessed. 

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Day 1 of Grounded

Receive Reiki and allow your nervous system to return to peace and ease. 

Allow stress and anxiety to melt into the earth as you ground safety within your body..

Day 2 of Grounded

Reiki and Body insight

Learn to connect to your emotions and find them in the body. Experience a shift in energy. Gain a deeper understanding of energetic grounding practices.

Day 3 of Grounded


Experience a full body reiki session, ground into peace and the planet, Discover how expansive you are.


This is a soul journey.


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