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Egyptian-Astro Numerology

The Book of Life

Discover the wisdom of Cardology, the mystical science of playing cards that reveals the secrets of your life journey.


Unveil the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your personality and destiny according to the cards you were dealt on your birthday. Unlock the wisdom of the cards and learn the story of your life.


Over the past five years, I have been cultivating my skills as a Master Numerologist and the coaching that goes along with it with a few key clients. We have been working together in six-month or year-long containers, and I have received feedback that the sessions have doubled and tripled my clients income. This is for you if you want to start co-creating with your business in a new way, using the Atlantean/Egyptian Book of Life. Numerology has so much depth and wisdom to share with us and our business.

Divine Purpose Blueprint

Know thyself.


We explore your karma, dharma, and unique strengths and values with a Divine Purpose Blueprint. This includes a professional pdf and one business week of voxer support with me. 

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Wealth Code

This session is for heart-led healers, coaches, and creatives ready to make more money in their businesses. Your empathic nature might make you spend a lot of time thinking about others rather than focusing on your business and vision. This is a beautiful gift for yourself and your clients!


Wealth Code- Full Life Reading

Annual Birthday Reading

What do I want for my birthday?? An annual reading!!! This is the best gift you can give yourself. Knowing and understanding your year before you play it out based on your unique numerological code is BEYOND powerful.

This is particularly helpful in feeling into your rhythm, karma and dharma.

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Business Intensive

During this session, we will discuss the current state of your business, the program, course, or signature program that you are offering, and your ideal client, along with the language you should use to communicate with them. Additionally, we will carefully examine your preferred dates to determine the best launch timeline based on the frequency of your chart. Ultimately, we will work together to create a plan that will sequence and successfully launch your next big thing! Decide what is best for you based on the frequency of your chart.  We will come up with a plan to sequence and launch your next big thing into the world!

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Combine a Wealth Code Full LIFE Reading with an Annual Reading and make 2024 the best year yet!!!! Normally $1111.00, on sale for $888 until the 30th of December!


Intuitive Card Readings

Use this reading as an intuitive nudge toward the prosperity you truly desire in your life. 9 card reading with the playing cards. Done over voxer. $111

Intuitive Card Reading

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